Since opening in 2004, Q Tattoo has been making its mark in Sheffield offering a friendly and professional service, providing clients with high quality body art, custom made to fit.

Although customers are welcome to choose their tattoo from the extensive collection at the studio, we have a "No Sheep" policy, actively encouraging customers to choose designs that are unique to themselves, instead of following the flock and copying the tattoo of the latest celebrity, and ending up with a design that's tattooed on hundreds, if not thousands of other people.

If your art skills are limited, you're unsure if a certain design would suit your body shape, or you want to cover up a bad tattoo, just drop into the studio and have a friendly chat and we'll see what we can do for you.
As resident artist Quoz puts it...

" My only limitation is your own and my imagination"

Cleanliness is top priority at Q Tattoo. All equipment is sterilized to surgical standards.
We are fully registered with the local health authority and use only top quality inks and equipment.




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